• Vision

    We look forward for a world where the old women are given the kind of love and care they are entitled
    of, after a long tedious life they have spent loving and caring their family. We anticipate a world
    where every woman gets the right to live with dignity!
  • Mission

    We want to work more and more in order to provide shelter and care for more number of women.
    We want to create the right sense of awareness among the young generation of this country
    so their mothers don't have to face what the mothers at our Ashram do!

ASHRAYA SEVA TRUST - NGO for Women and Children

Ashraya Seva Trust is one of the renown old age homes in Bangalore. We are now a home for about 60 elderly women and 10 orphan children!


Help us by donating. Your donation will help us continue to lift children, women and families out.

Fund Raising

Collect Fund from all. Help us out in collecting fund from all and raise awareness among people.


Become a volunteer. We're sure we are not the only compassionate people in this world.

Taking Care Of The Elderly And The Orphans

Not everyone is blessed with necessary amenities. Though it’s a weird law of nature, the only thing we can do is take things into our own hands. We work on providing the most fundamental amenities any human must be getting. We have destitute women, widows, divorcees, old age women those who were neglected by their Kith and kin. We also provide shelter to orphan kids who were dejected by their parents. We take care of their shelter, food, medicines and other necessities so they get through their life conveniently. We induce hope in the lives of those who would have lost all hopes! Regular health check ups are done. We also conduct frequent meditation, prayer and yoga sessions for the elderly. We even organise religious trips to close by places!

Home For The Homeless

We do our part of caring for the elderly not only at our Seva Trust but we also go around different parts of the state and conduct free medical campaigns. In these medical campaigns, we provide free medical assistance to the elderly and also distribute free medicines to them. Our latest medical camp was put up in Nangala village, Coorg district. It was a huge success where we reached out to nearly 370 people from that village as well as the villages surrounding it. Besides these, we also went onto distribute more than 150 blankets for those who were in need of it since it was a winter. Nothing more satisfying than sharing!