People are so held up in the false sense of hectic schedules that they feel they have got no time to cater to the elderly who are at their homes. The woman who fed food to her child is now deserted mercilessly on roads! The woman who woke up all night to take care of her child has now got nowhere to sleep! For all the sacrifices a woman does, she will only get shut doors later! Understanding and feeling the pain of our elderly mothers, Ashraya was established in order to offer them care and concern they are worth of! Our NGO for elderly takes care of women from all walks of life! Our Ashram is registered with the Government of Karnataka (Reg No. 16/05-06) and is situated in Rajajinagar, Bangalore. We have served over 800 women till date, and have sometimes s tayed with women until they reached their grave. Our NGO for old age people was started by Mrs Rani!


Mrs Rani was unfortunate to lose her mother at her very young age (6 years old). Since then, she deeply felt how important it was for a mother to be present. When she came to Bangalore along with her family several years later, little did she know her loss would result in positive impact on so many lives! She found elderly women being treated badly in and around her neighbourhood. She found old people lying on roads in utterly horrid conditions. She knew she didn't want to sit and watch things like these happen. She began from taking in a couple of old women in her own home and taking utmost care of them. This could probably be recognised as the genesis of Ashraya Seva Trust! It happened when few of her family members suggested that she set up a trust in order to make it easy for herself to take care of many more needy women in the future. And in 2005, Ashraya Seva Trust officially spread its arms to embrace those women who were treated like outcasts.


Mrs Rani has made it a point that all the ladies are treated with respect from the staff and are carefully looked after, meeting the benchmark of great quality. Mrs Rani also funds the primary studies of few kids in villages who are talented but can't afford to study.


Ashraya Seva Trust has teamed up with various organizations ranging from start-ups who engage actively with our disregarded women of the society to huge corporate companies that help us in making noticeable difference to the elderly women through financial and logistical offerings!